Canon Pixma IP110 Setup

Canon Pixma IP110 Setup | iP Series | PIXMA iP110 Setup

Canon Pixma IP110 Setup

Canon Pixma IP110 printer comes in small size. However, it offers high performance. Also, we can call it a perfect portable printer for students and mobile professionals. Through this printer, the user gets superior image quality with real convenience. Furthermore, the Canon Pixma IP110 printer now comes with cloud printing.

We can consider this printer small in size but big on quality part. It is a suitable product for professionals looking for documents or picture-perfect images. This compact and sleek portable printer makes you achieve perfection in your work.

In addition to this, the Canon Pixma IP110 printer is resource conscious. It saves the black ink. For those looking for a perfect printer to connect with laptops for personal travel printing or business, we suggest going for it. Moreover, it is convenient to have the canon pixma ip110 setup.

Canon Pixma IP110 Setup Procedure:

Here, we highlight the step-by-step points about how you can proceed with the canon pixma ip110 setup. Hence, follow the same carefully:

Step 1 – Unbox Your Canon Pixma IP110

  • First, you have to open your canon pixma ip110 box. 
  • Here, you will get a card box, pull it out, and open the same. This box will be containing canon printer accessories.
  • After that, the other package you will find inside the box will contain your canon pixma ip110 device. Hence, hold it gently and take it out of the box.
  • Now, remove the foam pads from all the sides of your device. Then, drag the plastic covering from it.
  • Next, hold the device’s top cover and remove the plastic sheet. After that, peel the film from the LCD.
  • Furthermore, you have to remove the tapes which are stuck to the surface of your device. Then proceed to open the card box containing pixma power cable, USB, adapter, and driver CD.
  • Also, there will be canon 35 and 36 print cartridges along.
  • Finally, take out the battery unit by pushing the blue lever. Remove the plastic covering, and then re-insert the same in its dedicated slot.

Proceed to Have the Canon Pixma IP110 Setup

Now, you have to get ready for the final canon pixma ip110 setup by following these steps:

  • First, connect your canon pixma device’s power cable to the adapter. Then, proceed to bridge the power cable to the power port. You will find it on the left side of your device.
  • Next, connect the other end of the cable to an electric socket.
  • Now, push the power button that you will find on the pixma device LCD. 
  • After that, you need to raise the device’s top cover. Now, lift the latch of the print cartridge holder.
  • After that, put that print cartridge holder in its slot. Then, push the latch down until it holds the cartridge holder.
  • Next, you have to position the canon print cartridges. For this, press them gently until they lock in a place. Then, close the lid.
  • Now, slide the grey media selector towards the A4 sheet space. 
  • Raise the device paper input tray and place the paper stack.
  • Finally, push the start button to start a test print. Here, you can screw the battery compartment. 

Implementing these steps, one can complete the canon pixma ip110 setup.


Here, we have updated all the steps in a simplified way to assist you with an easy canon pixma ip110 setup. Now, you can proceed with the set up independently. If you want to download Canon Printer Drivers visit official website ij.start.cannon.

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