Canon Pixma Tr7520 Setup

Canon Pixma Tr7520 Setup

Canon Pixma Tr7520 Setup

Canon is a leading giant in the print technology industry and an eminent producer of other technological products. The manufacturing inventory of Canon includes SLR cameras, still cameras, photocopiers, digital cameras, camcorders, scanners, lenses, LCDs, and more. Coming back to printers, the Canon Pixma Tr7520 is the company’s great printer with an all-in-one efficiency. Furthermore, it can be a perfect choice for both professional and personal uses. Moreover, the print quality is premium, and it instantly prints pages.

The Canon Pixma Tr7520 comes with a slew of features, including the ability to print from SD cards. Therefore, one can definitely consider it a good option while searching for a small portable printer. This printer has a capacity of 200-sheets. Furthermore, setting up this printer is facile, plus you can directly pair it with your system through the USB. Moreover, you can connect it to a wireless network and also utilize the Canon printer app to print from a mobile device. The Canon Pixma TR7520 also includes the Pixma cloud connection, allowing users to access their files straight from social networking, photo sharing, and storage websites.

Instructions for Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup

There are numerous ways to set up your Canon Pixma Tr7520 printer to gauge your business to the next level. Furthermore, printer tasks like printing, copying, scanning and faxing are all simple to access for every user. You can complete the Canon Pixma Tr7520 setup process via the official website or the CD. Moreover, users can install the printer via USB or LAN connection. Also, using the LAN connection requires a complete setup. Thus, the connection is immediately confirmed if the setup procedure is complete. Therefore, to complete the setup procedure, you can follow the instructions outlined below 

  • To start, turn the printer “ON” by pressing the power button.
  • After that, open your preferred web browser.
  • Then, in the browser’s search field, type the official URL, ij.start.cannon.
  • On the screen, the official webpage will appear.
  • Users will now be prompted to select the device they wish to configure.
  • Thus, users can either choose a printer from the list below or type the printer model into the search field.

The methods described below can be used to finish the setup procedure.

  • Using a Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet to Connect
  • Getting Fax Ready for Use

Option 1: Using a Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet to connect

  • Users should click the “Download” button to begin the setup process.
  • The “.exe” file will now start to download.
  • After that, wait for the download to finish and then double-click the “.exe” file to run it.
  • Now the users will be asked to choose a language from the “Language” menu.
  • After that, press “Next.”
  • Following that, the users must select a printer connection method.
  • “Wireless LAN Connection” and “USB Connection” are the two alternatives.
  • Users are advised to choose the LAN option from the list.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup process.
  • Make sure the printer is powered throughout the setup phase.

Option 2: Getting Fax Ready for Use

  • As mentioned above, the Pixma Tr7520 is an all-in-one efficiency printer; thus, you can use it as a fax device. Therefore, the following instructions will show you how to set it up as a fax machine.
  • To begin with, choose the phone line configuration you want.
  • The users should then select “Easy Setup” or “Various Settings” for how they want to receive faxes.
  • Now, select the “Start” button from the drop-down menu.
  • Note: Those who bought their printer in China or Canada should pick the one that best fits their needs.
  • Lastly, you can follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup procedure.

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