If you are wondering how to start the procedure of your Canon Pixma Tr8520 Setup, then you are at the right place. Here, we have listed the steps for your Canon Pixma Tr8520 Setup. Therefore, without further ado, start with your Canon Pixma Tr8520 Setup. Also, visit ij.start.cannon for more details.

1. To Start the Process on Your Printer

  • First, you have to turn the printer ON. Furthermore, if your printer performs a few functions like cleaning, print head alignment, etc., wait for it to finish.
  • Second, you have to tap on the printer’s Network Status Button (A). 
  • Third, tap LAN settings on the Basic network information screen and tap Wireless LAN. Afterward, tap on ‘Wireless LAN Setup.’ 
  • Fourth, you have to tap on ‘Easy Wireless Connect,’ then ‘YES.’
  • Fifth, you will see a pop-up on your screen when your printer preparation is complete. Therefore, please return to the setup application screen and continue with its setup.  
  • Now, download the file and set it up on your computer.


For Windows:

  • Furthermore, you will need to get the setup file. Also, note that setup can also be performed using the Setup CD-ROM.)
  • Now, read the information on how to run the setup file. However, click on the ‘Download’ button if the setup does not initiate automatically. 
  • Afterward, select Start Setup on the first screen and select your region. Then click ‘Next.’
  • Now, click ‘Yes’ on the license agreement. Further, click ‘Agree or Do Not Agree’ to the survey and click ‘Next.’ Henceforth, tap on the connection method screen. 
  • Also, if the select wireless router screen displays below, click the wireless router to connect to the Canon tr8520. Hence, enter the Network Key and click on ‘NEXT.’ 
  • Therefore, the Canon tr8520 Network Connection is complete, and tap on ‘Next.’
  • The Canon tr8520 driver will install, and then you can give it a try and print a page. 
  • Then, select ‘Next’ from the Setup Page and choose your desired application from the options. 
  • Finally, you have to click on ‘Next’ and ‘Exit.’ Thus, with this, your Canon tr8520 setup is complete. However, visit ij.start.cannon for more details about the Canon Pixma Tr8520 Setup.

For Mac:

  • First, download the setup file, read the information, and select ‘Download.’
  • Second, click on ‘Next’ on the first screen. Then, enter your computer username and password and select ‘Install Helper.’
  • Third, you have to select the ‘Start Setup.’ Afterward, select your region and click on ‘Next.’
  • Fourth, read the License Agreement and then select ‘Yes.’
  • Fifth, you must select ‘Agree or Do Not Agree’ for the survey. Also, a status check will occur on your screen; wait for it to complete. 
  • Sixth, click on ‘Yes’ on the Connection Method Screen.
  • Then, your setup will continue, and if the Select Wireless Router screen displays, select your wireless router. Also, enter your ‘Network Key(password), and then click on Next.
  • Also, when the ‘connection completed screen’ appears, select Next.
  • Hence, the driver install will initiate. Therefore, please wait for it to get complete.
  • Select ‘Allow’ and tap on ‘Add Printer’ on the add printer screen.
  • Also, on the Add Screen, you have to select ‘Bonjour Multifunction’ listed in the ‘Kind’ column. Then, select ‘Airprint’ and secure it using the drop-down, then select ‘Add.’
  • Now, select ‘Next’ on the ‘Add Printer,’ ‘Test Print’ and ‘Setup Complete’ screen, respectively. 
  • Furthermore, select your application from the options given and click on Next. Also, tap on Next on the ‘You can Print’ screen. Then, click on ‘Next’ and ‘skip’ on the ‘User Registration’ screen.
  • Finally, your installation procedure will be complete, and you can start with your printing. Also, visit ij.start.cannon for more details on Canon Pixma Tr8520 Setup.

Henceforth, your Canon Pixma Tr8520 Setup procedure will get complete with these steps. Thus, enjoy your new printer and print thousands of copies with it. 

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