Setup my Canon Printer Wirelessly

How do I Setup my Canon Printer Wirelessly

There’s no need for an introduction when it comes to Canon printers as they are popularly famous worldwide. What makes these Canon printers so special is their availability in both wired and wireless forms. So you can enjoy printing in both the wired and Canon printer wireless setup to get your desired printouts. Besides, if you see today’s fast mobility and tech-driven era, Canon printer wireless setup has become the priority because of its simple and convenient work processing. 

Moreover, downloading and installing the Canon printer drivers via ij.start.canon URL lets your computer print easily from anywhere and at any time. It doesn’t matter whether you are at your home or the office; you can proceed with the Canon printer setup without using wires or cables. Apart from this, being a Canon printer user, it will be easy for you to connect to your wireless network through your device without even entering a password. 

Also, while proceeding, you will not find connecting to your device and implementing the Canon printer wireless setup any harder. Therefore, here you have the information below, explaining the Canon printer wireless setup or the Canon printer setup process. Furthermore, downloading and installing the Canon printer drivers via ij.start.cannon URL lets you use its features and functions. And these are color and text printing, faxing, scanning, copying, laser printing, etc. In order to educate yourself regarding the same, following the downward information will help you the best. 

Manual Guide to Proceed with Canon Printer Wireless Setup-

In order to proceed with the Canon printer setup on your system, straight jump onto the below information. Doing so will enable you to print the documents without facing any glitches and difficulties. 

First: Connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi

  • Start by turning “ON” your Canon printer by pressing the “Power” button. 
  • Next, click on the “Settings” option by pressing the arrow icon. After that, press the “OK” option once you get the “Device Settings” option. 
  • Now, click on the arrow icon to open the “LAN Settings” option. And once you open it, click on the “OK” option. 
  • Afterward, click the arrow icon to reach the wireless LAN setup option and then click on the “OK” option. Doing so will enable your printer to start searching for the Wi-Fi network by flashing the light as an indication. 
  • Clicking on the “Stop” button is suggested if the search process takes too much time. Doing so will take you to the “Wireless LAN setup, standard setup” option. And once you reach it, click on the “OK” option. 
  • Further, keep the arrow button pressed until and unless you get your Wi-Fi network. And once you find it, click on the “OK” option to carry onwards. 
  • Last, enter your password for the Wi-Fi, then click the “OK” option. Next, to end the process once again, click on the “OK” button only if your system’s screen indicates it is connected. And that’s how you can complete the first part of the Canon printer wireless setup process.

Second: Add your Wireless Canon Printer to your Computer

wireless Canon printer to your computer

Once you successfully connect your Canon wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network, add it to your system to make it successfully working. That’s why, to know how you can add your Canon printer to your system, follow the downward points: 

  • Begin by pressing the Windows logo and R Keys simultaneously. Doing so will open the run dialog box. 
  • Next, you can copy ‘control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters.’ And then, click on the “OK” button once you paste it into your search box. 
  • Afterward, click on the “Add a Printer” option and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the Canon printer setup process. 
  • Consequently, it will successfully add the Canon printer to your PC/laptop. Hence, your Canon printer will be connected to your Wi-Fi network connection.

In order to test your Canon printer efficiency, you can take some printouts to know whether it’s working appropriately or not. And that’s how you finish the entire process of the Canon printer wireless setup. In case you face any difficulty, reach the help desk or contact its 24 x 7 customer care services.

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