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A printer driver is an important software without which you won’t be able to perform the printing functions on your Canon printer. It works as a connection between your system and the printing machine. The driver takes the commands from the system and translates it into a language that is understood by the printer. Once your printer understands your command, it starts printing. Hence, it becomes important to download and install the printer driver on your system to commence the printing. To help you with the Canon Driver Download, we are providing all the necessary information through this article.

Perform Canon Driver Download with Ease

Below-given are the steps that will guide you to download the Canon Printer Drivers on your system. Attentively follow the instructions to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free process. 

  1. The very first step of the Canon driver download is to launch a secure web browser on your system. 
  2. In the address field of your browser, enter in the “” URL. There are several other websites too that will help you to perform the download process. However, using this website, you can easily download the file by following a few steps. 
  3. Once you reach, you will find various tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. From these tabs, choose the topmost tab stating “Set Up”.
  4. The next window will come into your view. In the middle of the screen, the long search tab is placed. Here, you have to type in the model number. 
  5. After entering, press “Go” to move ahead. 
  6. In the Canon Printer Driver Download window, you first have to choose the operating system. The tab for the same is positioned on the top-right corner. When you click the tab, a list of the available OS will display. Make the selection as per your device.
  7. Now, you will get the download link that is compatible with your system. Along with the download link, you will get some instructions on the screen. Review them before you move ahead.
  8. Finally, click the Download tab. You will now see the download begins. During the Canon driver download process, you are recommended not to close the browser or perform other activities on your system.
  9. Generally, once the download gets completed the file itself gets saved in its default location. However, sometimes a dialog box might prompt on your screen to choose the download location manually. If this is the case for you, then make the selection of the desired location and complete the Canon Driver Download process. 

Steps to Resolve the Issues that You Might Face with a Canon Printer Driver

While downloading or installing the Canon Driver or while using it, you might face several issues. These issues can be in the form of error codes, or printer drivers stop working, or else. Facing errors while using such a complicated and advanced technology machine is quite common. All you need is to fix these errors as soon as possible. To know more about the troubleshooting of Canon Driver Download issues, you must look at the given information. 

Before we begin with the troubleshooting, you must be aware of the reasons behind these errors. Some of the common reasons can be corrupted printer drivers, insufficient space in your system, incompatible printer driver, webpage not appearing, and much more. In order to fix these errors, you must follow the given steps.

  • Delete Unwanted Files:

You must keep sufficient space available in your computer system before you start with the download. While you download the driver, you should check the file size and make sure you have the required space available. In case the internal memory of your device is not free, then you remove all the unnecessary files or applications from your system and make space available. 

  • Check the Driver Compatibility:

To fix the incompatible printer driver error, you must download the canon driver as per your operating system and its version. For this, at the time of download, you must check and ensure that the correct operating system is selected. The Canon driver download might get failed if the compatible driver is not selected. 

  • Update your Internet Browser:

Outdated internet browsers are another reason for the printer driver download issues. The download might get stuck in the middle, or the website is unable to open, etc. Hence, you must update your browser to the latest version available. 

  • Erase all the Browsing Data:

For the successful completion of the Canon driver download process, you must erase all the cache, history, saved password, etc. from your browser. This browsing data takes up space and restricts the download process. So, you must all of them and then start with the process.  

  • Reset your Internet Connection:

The Canon Printer Drivers requires a high-speed network connection throughout the process. From reaching the desired web page to downloading the file, you need an internet connection at every step of the process. Hence, if you are unable to complete the download, you must reset your network by turning it off and on. Also, if required then relocate your device close to the router or remove unnecessary obstacles that are between the computer and router.   

  • Others:

There are some other steps too that might help you resolve the Canon Driver Download Issues. For example, if you are a user of a CD device, then you must ensure that you have correctly inserted it and is clean. Also, you must turn off the firewall that might block the download of the printer driver. 

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