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Major Functions and Highlights of Canon IJ Scan Utility

Canon IJ Scan Utility software is integrated with some exceptional features that allow you to quickly scan your photos or documents. Below-listed are its main functions: 

  • You can customize the scan settings as per your requirements, for example, you can sharpen the document text for better readability.
  • Using its “Stitch” function, you can easily combine multiple images into one and scan it accordingly. 
  • The built-in OCR feature supports different languages and converts the printed alphanumeric characters into digital text. 
  • The utility software can be installed on both Windows and Mac operating systems. 
  • Also by using this software, you can directly attach scanned documents or photos to an email and send them. 
  • Further, the software is available free on the Canon official website and hence you do not need to pay an additional cost for it. 
Canon ij Scan Utility

How to set up Canon Ij Scan Utility Software?

To begin the Canon IJ Scan Utility setup, you should know your printer or scanner model number, and to review, you can check its documentation. It is necessary that your system is linked to Wifi throughout the installation to avoid connectivity problems. This utility software is generally included in MP Drivers depending on your specific printer or scanner model. The software download and installation process are easy which you can execute by following the given procedure. 

  1. Reach and by clicking on the Drivers & Downloads tab, you will get to the Support page. 
  2. Now, input your scanner or printer model into the allotted search bar. When you do so, your product will immediately be visible in the drop-down list below the search bar. Select it.
  3. Thereafter, verify the auto-selected operating system in the Driver & Downloads section. Click “Select” and then click Download. 
  4. After the download is complete, you have to step forward for installation. To do so, run the file. In the following window, develop a wired or wireless connection among your computer and printer or scanner. 
  5. Now, on the Software Installation List Window, you have to enable the checkbox of MP Drivers, as the Canon IJ Scan Utility is combined with MP Drivers. 
  6. Then, take a look at the Canon software agreements displayed on your screen and click Yes. This will commence the canon printer software installation and you have to keep waiting till the processing gets over. 

How to use Canon Ij Scan Utility for scanning documents or photos?

It is to be noted that your printer or scanner must be connected to the computer before accessing the software. After that, add it to your computer. Now, review the given instructions for performing the scanning process without any difficulty. 

Scanning a Document

  1. The first step is to place a document on the scanner glass with the printed side facing downwards. Also, the document should be properly aligned. Now, you have to access the Canon IJ Scan Utility software. 
  2. In Windows, click on the Start icon, locate the “Canon Utilities” folder and click on the down-arrow key. Following this, select Canon IJ Scan Utility. However, on Mac, click Go from the top panel of the desktop screen and then select Computer. Now click Applications > Canon Utilities > Canon IJ Scan Utility. 
  3. Once the main screen pops-up, select your printer or scanner model click on the Settings tab, and a new window will be launched. On the left-hand side, you will observe different options such as Auto Scan, Document Scan, Photo Scan, Custom Scan, ScanGear, etc. Just select the Document Scan option. Now, review all the settings carefully. 
  4. Firstly, under the “Scan Options” section, place your cursor in the “Select Source” field and select Document(ADF/Platen) option. By doing so, your document will automatically be scanned from both sides. In addition, check the auto-selected details of Color Mode, Paper Size, and Resolution. 
  5. Now, go to the “Save Settings” section and customize all the settings. First of all, make sure that the Data Format is selected as PDF. This will let you print multiple pages of a document into one file. Also, change the location as per your preference in which you want to save your document after scanning. 
  6. Once you have edited all the settings, click OK and then click on the Document icon. This will start scanning and within a few seconds, a Scan Complete pop-up box will be displayed. Click Exit. You can now view your scanned copy by visiting the “Documents” folder. 


Photo Scan

Open the top lid cover of your scanner or printer and place the photo on the back-left corner of the scanner glass. Make sure you adjust the photo properly according to the edges of the glass. Now, launch the IJ Scan Utility software, and click Settings on the main screen. To proceed, select Photo Scan from the left side of the window. Following this, put your cursor in the  Resolution field and set it as 300 dpi. Now, personalize the location to save the scanned photo, for example, you can select the “Pictures” folder. Further select JPEG or PNG in the Data Format field. Also, change the image quality to high or standard based on your choice. When done, select OK and then click on the Photo icon. The scan processing will begin and once the successful message appears, click Exit. 

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