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Canon MX490 Printer Setup

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Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Canon’s Pixma Series MX490 model is a sophisticated Inkjet all-in-one Printer that is powered by next-generation technology. This avant-garde multifunction unit is extremely powerful and assures efficient performance. It is a state-of-the-art Printing Device that comes with unmatched connectivity options. Not only that, it is extremely flexible that means you can operate it from any Computing Device. For instance, Windows/ Mac based Desktops, Tablets, Laptops, Mobile Devices etc. Besides, this best-in-class Printer is packed with cutting-edge features. For instance, Quiet Mode, Auto Scan, Well-integrated Automatic Document Feeder, My Image Garden, Fine Ink Cartridge, Creative Park Premium, Airprint, Google Cloud Print etc. Despite all this, it is of no use without the proper process of Canon MX490 Printer Setup.

Complete Details Of Canon MX490 Printer Setup Steps

In the very first place, you must acquire a high-speed, stable Internet Connection for Canon MX490 Printer Setup. Although, this Printer comes with USB Connectivity options to work with Wired Routers. However, it is recommended to choose a Wireless Network which gives you complete freedom and flexibility. In this way, you can make the most out of the features and functionality of your world-class Printer. Besides that, if possible, prefer a Router that is equipped with a physical WPS Push-button. This will further simplify the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. 


In addition to a properly functioning Network Connection, you must have a Computing Device for operating your Printer. Since this Printer Model gives you complete freedom in terms of connectivity. Therefore, you can opt for either a Desktop, Laptop or a Mobile Device as per your convenience and requirement. However, before proceeding further, it is essential to connect the chosen Computer/ Laptop to your Home Network. Not only that, it allows you to set up multiple devices for operating the Printer at any point of time for enhanced efficiency. As such, you will have to connect all such devices to the same Internet Network. Moreover, you will have to install the required Driver Package on all the connected Devices for its optimized usage.

Step 1: Hardware Setup 

Just like any other electronic device, Canon Printers are very sensitive and delicate. In other words, they need utmost care and precaution in its handling, especially while transiting the machine. For this reason, when you purchase a Canon Printer, you get a well-packed machine so as to avoid any damage. Therefore, the very first step in the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process is its proper unboxing. Hence, begin the process by identifying a secure location to place your Printer. This location must be within the coverage range of your Internet Network. Besides that, look for a flat and safe surface like a table etc. Also, there must be a stable Power Source like a Wall Outlet close to this location.  

Once you find such a space, carefully place your printer to proceed for the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. Thereafter, unbox the machine with utmost care. After removing all the packaging material and protective tapes, simply hook it up to a Power Source. For this, use the accompanied Power Cable. After that, turn it on by pressing the Printer’s “Power” button. With this, its “Power Lamp” will turn up. Make sure that it is green in colour and stable. Now, set up its “Paper Tray” and load it with recommended Paper Sheets. Next, you must carefully install all the four Ink Cartridges that come in the Printer Package. Following that, you must wait for the Printer’s Initialization and Alignment process to finish. Finally, its Setup Guide will appear on the Printer’s Control Panel. Here, it will prompt you to make some selections for the Printer’s basic Settings. After making appropriate selection, choose the “End” tab to exit the Setup Guide for Canon MX490 Printer Setup.

Step 2: Establish The Printer and Network Connection With Wireless Setup 

Canon MX490 Printer is known for its versatile connectivity options especially for Wireless Setup. Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate method based on your Router’s Connectivity options. Given below are two simple connection methods. Hence, opt for WPS method if your Router has a physical WPS button. Otherwise, go for the Cableless Setup Method. 

WPS Setup Method
  1. Make sure that your Printer is turned on for the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. 
  2. Then, check the Printer’s “Control Panel” for a “WiFi” button. Press and Hold it till the respective “Alarm Lamp” flashes once. 
  3. Now, immediately go to your Wireless Router. Thereafter, Press the WPS button to proceed with the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. However, keep in mind that you must perform this step within 2 minutes of the preceding step. 
  4. With this, the Printer’s “WiFi Lamp” will start flashing. This shows that it is looking for the available Network. 
  5. After a while, both the “Power” and “WiFi” Lamp will begin to flash which means the Printer is connecting to the Network. 
  6. When a successful connection is established, both lamps will stop flashing. However, they will remain lit. 
Cableless Setup Method
  1. Make sure that your Printer is turned on for the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. 
  2. Then, check the Printer’s “Control Panel” for a “Setup” button. Press it to proceed further. 
  3. This will bring up the Setup Menu for Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. 
  4. Now, locate the “Wireless LAN Setup” tab with the help of its Navigation Keys given on the Touchpad. Then, select it. 
  5. Thereafter, press “OK”.
  6. Next, you must select “Other Setup” and press “OK”. 
  7. After that, tap on the  “Cableless Setup” tab. Then, press “OK”. 
  8. This will start the connection process. Hence, wait for it. 
Step 3: Get The Printer Driver For Canon MX490 Printer Setup
  1.  Keep your Printer and Computer turned on. Also ensure they both are hooked to the same Internet Network. 
  2. Insert the accompanied Installation CD in your Computer’s CD Drive. 
  3. Consequently, its Auto-play window will turn up. However, if it fails to open up. Then, locate your Computer’s CD Drive option. Double-click on it to access its Setup window. 
  4. Now, click on the given “Language” tab. Then, choose your preferred language. 
  5. Thereafter, click “Next”.
  6. Next, you will have to “Select Your Place Of Residence”. Hence, make a choice and click “Next”.
  7. After that, appropriately select your “Country” from the given list. Then, click “Next”.
  8. Subsequently, the Installer will display a list of available software meant for Installation. Hence, either select specific software or go for all of them. As such, click on “Select All”.
  9. Then, click “Next”.
  10. Now, review the terms of its “License Agreement” for Canon MX490 Printer Setup. Then, click “Next”.
  11. When it seeks permission to Install the canon printer software, click “Next”.
  12. As such, the Installation will begin. Hence, wait for its completion. 
  13. Finally, Restart the Computer. 

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