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Canon MX492 Printer Setup

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Connect MX492 to Wifi Using Standard Setup

If you have purchased a new MX492 printer and setting up for the very first time, you need to complete its hardware setup. Unwrap the printer, ink cartridges, and remove all the protective plastic wraps. Also, insert the ink cartridges into the correct slots and load a pile of pages into the input tray. Once you are done with this, set up the printer on your preferred wireless network by following the below-listed steps.

  1. The initial and important step is to turn on your router. Then, press the power button and the indicator light will be lit green. 
  2. You will see that the printer LCD screen is blank, and to start you have to press the Copy button. There is a four-button panel on the front-side of the printer, locate the Copy button and press it.. 
  3. Now, press the Canon Printer Setup tab and the Wireless LAN Setup option will be visible on the printer display. 
  4. Press the OK button which is positioned beside the arrow keys. Within a few seconds, you will notice scrolling text on the printer LCD screen.
  5.  Press the Stop button and the Standard Setup screen will get displayed. Press OK and the printer will begin searching for the nearby routers. 
  6. When your desired wireless network is detected, select it by using the right-arrow keys and then press the OK button. Now, you will be asked to input the Wifi password or access key into the passphrase field.
  7. Hence, type the password using number/letter keys. In addition, you can change lowercase to uppercase letters or letters to numbers using the star key. 
  8. When you have entered all the alphanumeric characters of the wifi password correctly, press the OK button. This will show you the “Connecting” status on the printer screen. 
  9. Once the connection is developed among both the printer and the router, press the OK button. At last, you just have to press the Copy button. 

For proceeding with the Canon MX492 Printer Setup, download the driver now. 

Guidelines to Download the MX492 Printer Driver

  1. To accomplish the download process for the Canon MX492 printer setup, visit ij.start.cannon. Then, select the Setup option stated on the right side of the welcome window. 
  2. Now, select the ‘MX” series and to continue, select the MX492 printer model. In the next window, select your country or region. You can select the “Others” option if you do not see your particular region in the mentioned list. 
  3. This will bring up the MX492 Printer Software Download window. After selecting the Windows or Mac OS, click on the Download button. Ensure that there is sufficient internal memory in your computer to download the software. 
  4. The downloading status will be displayed on your screen. Patiently wait for its completion. When you see that the MX492 software is downloaded, click “Save As” to securely store the file in your preferred folder. 

Specific Measures for MX492 Printer Driver Installation

For the Canon MX492 Printer Setup, you have to look at the below-given information for installing the printer driver. By following these directions with full attention, you will be able to perform the installation process smoothly. 


  1. Access the same folder in which you have saved the installation file. By double-clicking on it, you will get to the main window of the Canon Pixma MX492 program. 
  2. To keep going, click Next and you will discover a pop-up box stating “Searching for the printer on network”. It is to be remembered that your computer must be linked to the same Wifi router to which your printer is associated. Otherwise, your MX492 printer will surely not be detected by the computer. 
  3. Now, you will see two accessible connection methods i.e Wireless LAN Connection and USB Connection for Canon MX492 printer setup. Since MX492 strongly supports the wireless method, it is recommended that you select the Wireless LAN option. 
  4. Following this, two options i.e Connect via Wireless Router and Direct Connection will be available on your screen. After selecting your desired method, click Next. 
  5. To confirm that your printer is powered on, click Next. On the next window, select your personal printer that you would like to set up. In case your printer is not shown, check your printer wireless network connections. To move ahead for the Canon MX492 printer setup, click Next. 
  6. After verifying that all the checkboxes of drivers and additional software are marked, click Next. Also, give your consent to the License Agreement by clicking Yes. 
  7. Permit the Firewall Settings and all the drivers will quickly get installed. To end the Canon MX492 printer Setup, Click Complete. Now you can easily print from your computer by accessing the Driver application. 

How to perform the Canon MX492 printer setup on mobile?

  1. The first and basic step is to download the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy App. This application is available free for printing the documents directly from mobile.
  2. Hence, launch the Play Store or App Store and look for the Canon Print Application by typing it in the search field. 
  3. Tap on the Install button. When the app is installed, click Open and the End User License Agreement window will be displayed. Read the entire document cautiously and tap Agree. In the next pop-up box, tap OK. 
  4. To give your permission to the Canon Print for accessing photos, media, and other files, tap Allow. Another pop-up box will be shown asking you to access your device location, tap Allow. 
  5. The main interface of the application will appear on your screen. Here, you will find an add printer icon on the top-left edge of the screen. Tap on it. 
  6. Following this, you have to select the Registered Printer option. Afterwards, tap Setup and then tap “Select Connection Method”. 
  7. Now, you will be suggested to select Connect via Wireless Router method. Immediately a list of all the routers that are in range will get displayed on your screen. 
  8. Select the network to which your MX492 printer is linked. Enter the Wifi password and tap OK. 
  9. A pop-up box will be presented on your screen with the message “Sent the Settings”. Select OK by tapping on it for the Canon MX492 printer setup. 
  10. Within a few moments, the Canon Print application will detect your printer, Firstly verify your printer and then select it. 
  11. A pop-up box will appear giving you the option to register the MX492 printer under a name of your choice. If you want to edit the name, do it right away and tap OK. 
  12. This completes the Canon MX492 Printer Setup on Mobile. Now, you are ready to print or scan any document from your mobile. 

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