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Canon Printer Download

Canon Printer Download is a vital process required for setting it up. Without a proper setup, your award-winning Canon Printer fails to perform its basic functions. In other words, you need to go through a quick and convenient setup procedure in order to make your feature-packed Printer usable. The process is simple and straightforward, but involves multiple phases. To begin with, it requires you to prepare the Printer’s Hardware. Thereafter, you must configure the Printer to your Home Network. Finally, you need the correct set of Canon Driver Software for completing the procedure. In short, you must perform the Canon Printer Download process before exploring its state-of-the-art features. 

Things Essential For Canon Printer Download

Although the process of Canon Printer Download is extremely easy and user-friendly. Yet, its proper execution is very important. For this, you must ensure the presence of few prerequisites. 

  1. To begin with, any downloading process depends on the quality of your Internet Network. In other words, an uninterrupted and high-speed Network Connection is of utmost importance for properly performing the Canon Printer Download process. As such, get a high-speed and stable Internet Network in the very first place. 
  2. Besides that, this process requires certain details about your Canon Printer. For example, you must have the Product Type, Model Number and Series Name of your Printer. You can acquire all these details from your Printer machine. In other words, look at the Printer’s front or sides. In addition to that, you can find these details from the Printer’s package. Along with that, you can also check them on your Printer’s Invoice. 
  3. Apart from the Printer’s Details, the knowledge about your Computer’s OS is very important. Your Printer requires distinct Canon Printer Software in accordance with your Computer’s OS. Hence, make sure you have the accurate Name and Version of the OS of your Computer. 
Canon Printer Download​​

How To Perform Canon Printer Download Process?

  1. First and foremost, you will have to bring up a Web Browser available on your System. Your Computer may have Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari. For this, check the “Taskbar” of your Computer for an available Browser icon. Alternatively, you can also search it on your Desktop. Hence, simply click on one of the available Browser icons. 
  2. When the Browser window loads completely, you must go to the official website for Canon Printer Download. In order to do so, locate the Browser’s Address Bar. Here, you enter the correct URL i.e. “usa.canon.com”. Thereafter, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard. 
  3. When you get the official website, look at the very top. It has a list of tabs to access its different webpages. To name a few, you will find “Explore”, “Products”, “Learn”, “Support”, “About” etc. Now, select the “Support” tab. 
  4. As a result, its “Support” Menu box will appear on your screen. Here, you will get a number of options for visiting various Support windows. Hence, choose “Drivers & Downloads” for Canon Printer Download.
  5. With this, it takes you to the required Support webpage. This brings you to the most important aspect of the Canon Printer Download process. As explained above, you must have the basic details of your Canon Printer which includes its Model Number. 
  6. This window requires you to enter your Printer’s Model Number accurately in the given “Search Bar”. Then, click “Go”. Along with that, it displays a list of all the available Model Numbers. As such, you can make a selection from this list. 
  7. In this way, it leads you to the required webpage for the process of Canon Printer Driver Download
  8. The next window gives you multiple sections for various support functions of the selected Printer Model. For example, Drivers & Downloads, Manuals, Need Service etc. Here, you must opt for “Drivers & Downloads”.
  9. Under the “Drivers & Downloads” section, look for the drop-down box that says “Language”. Click on it to expand it. Now, select a language of your choice. 
  10. Along with that, you will find another drop-down box for selecting your Computer’s Operating System. Therefore, click on it. Then, appropriately choose the one that is used by your System. Here, you must be very particular in your choice as your Printer needs the correct set of Driver Software for proper functioning. 
  11. With this, it gives you various options for Canon Printer Drivers. For instance, Drivers, Software, Firmware, Utilities, and SDK. You can choose any of the available options. But, selecting the holistic Driver Package assures that you get support for accessing all the functionalities and features of your Printer. Hence, go for the ‘Drivers” section. 
  12. Here, you will find a list of software available for downloading on your system. Look for the one that says “Full Driver and Software Package”. Then, click on the corresponding “Select” tab. 
  13. As a result, its Menu box will expand. Here, you will find all the details about the selected Canon Printer Drivers. This includes the required Disk Space on your computer. As such, go through all the given information. Also, ensure that your System has sufficient space to save the downloaded file. 
  14. Thereafter, look for the respective download link. In other words, you will notice a highlighted “Download” tab along with other details. 
  15. Once you find this tab, click on it to start the Canon Printer Download process. 
  16. Following that, you will have to wait for the completion of this process. 

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