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Canon Printer Driver Download

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Canon Printer Driver Download

Canon Printer Driver Download is one of the most vital processes of the printer setup. This will help you in escalating your printing experience with better and advanced printing. In order to perform this crucial procedure, you are required to follow the guidelines mentioned below in this article. 

Why Canon Printer Driver Download Essential?

Printer Drivers are the software that helps you in fixing the communication gap between your printer and computer system. It converts the instructions that you send to the Canon Printer from your computing device to the language that is easily understood by your printer. This software enables the printer to send you an appropriate response to commands. Hence, the most important and the primary function that the printer driver performs is to convert the instructions. Apart from this, you can also perform several other functions that make it crucial to download and install the printer driver. 

Another reason why the Canon Printer Drivers download is important is to perform printer maintenance functions. You can:

Canon Printer Driver Download

Accessible Methods For Downloading the Printer Driver

With the availability of more than one method, it becomes quite easier to perform the Canon Printer Drivers Download. You can opt for any of the methods as per your convenience and begin the process. Below specified are the instructions to perform the download.

Through Canon Official Website
  1. The  Canon printer driver download process through the official website of Canon begins with the launch of an internet browser. Any of the internet browsers can be used for the process.
  2. Then, you need to navigate to the required website by entering its web address in the address field. The URL for the website is “”.
  3. On reaching the platform, you have to scroll down until you find the “Browse by Products” section. 
  4. Among all the available products of Canons, choose the “Printers” option.
  5. This will display the list of all the printer types offered by Canon. Look at all the options and choose the preferred type.
  6. Followed by selecting the printer type,  you have to choose its series and the model. 
  7. By making the required selection, you will get the product window on your screen. 
  8. As you move down the webpage, you will find the “Drivers and Download” section. 
  9. After that, the list of all the available drivers will come into view. 
  10. Before you proceed ahead, you have to choose the right OS from the top of the section. Following this, you can make the changes in the language of the driver too. 
  11. Next, you have to choose the printer driver from the list. Click “Select” and learn more about the driver you are going to download. 
  12. Finally, tap the “Download” button and the Canon Printer Driver Download will commence. 
  13. Once the download ends, you can install the application on your computer system. Instructions for the same will display on your screen. Following each of them, you can successfully install the printer driver.
Download via

Another method available for the Canon printer driver download is through “”. Opting this method requires you to visit the driver window using the “” URL. You need to type in the URL in the long address field of your internet browser and press the “Enter” key. On reaching the Canon printer driver download platform, you have to click “Setup” and enter the printer model. Next to this, choose the operating system and press the “Download” tab. Once the Canon printer driver download will begin, wait for a couple of minutes until the process gets completed. 

Using CD

Another alternative available for the printer driver is using the CD device. For this, all you need is the CD-ROM having the printer driver. You can easily find this CD in the printer box that you have purchased. Now, you need to take the CD and insert it into your computer system. The installation wizard will now run on its own. If the wizard doesn’t appear, then, you need to open it manually. You can now begin the installation process. 


Ans. For performing the Canon printer driver download process, you must be aware of your operating system. At the time of downloading, you have to select the right operating system to get the compatible printer driver. Hence, you must check it before. To know the OS and its version, you have to:


  • Click the “Start” icon which is positioned at the bottom-left corner. 
  • Once you locate the search field, type in “About”. 
  • From results that prompt, choose “About your PC”.
  • Doing so, all the information about your windows device will now display on your screen. 
  • There you will find the “Edition” which is the operating system and its version. Also, the system type will help you to know whether you have a 32-bit system or 64-bit. 


  • Mac users have to click the “Apple” logo from the upper-most corner. 
  • This will display the Apple menu. From the list of apple menu options, select the About this Mac option.
  • A dialog box will now appear with all the information about your system. 
  • On the top, you will find the operating system with its version. 

Ans. Canon provides its users various options to select from a versatile range of software. All the software available will help you in enhancing your experience of using the Canon printers. Some of the common software that is offered to you, other than printer driver are:

  • My Image Garden: For printing and organizing the photos
  • Quick Menu: Provides easy access to all the features
  • My Printer: To change printer settings
  • Easy-Photo Editor: helps in printing the images from system or cloud
  • IJ Scan Utility: For scanning the documents
  • IJ Network Tool: Helps in configuring the network and fixing it

Ans. There are various tabs available in the printer driver settings interface. You can change the settings as per your preference to enjoy a personalized experience. However, you must ensure that you won’t make any changes in the printer driver’s Advanced tab items. Doing so will affect the printing and your printer will not perform its functions properly. Options that you can avail after performing the Canon printer driver download are:

  • You can select the paper size, its quality, a number of copies, set the orientation, get the preview of your printing.
  • Choose the type of paper on which you want to print.
  • See the source of the paper printing and can change it if required. 
  • Adjust the colors of the printing by setting the intensity, contrast, etc. 
  • You can rotate the document, set its borders, cut the margins, and insert or delete the blank pages.
  • Change the printer maintenance settings for cleaning, auto power, nozzle check, print head alignment, and more. 

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