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Why is it important to install a Printer Driver? 

Printer Driver is a program that gives proper instructions to the printer for operating its functions. It directs the printer and sends print requests whenever a user attempts to print a document. It clearly advises the printer where to place the ink, what ink color to be used, and what should be the font size. The printer driver enables the computer to understand the complex hardware specifications of the printer. Also, the software translated the print job data into a language that a printer can easily recognize for printing a page. Therefore, the printer driver forms a stable connection between your computer and printer. 

If your printer is newly purchased, it is essential to first complete its hardware setup before installing the driver. Hardware setup includes unpacking all the key parts of your printer i.e toner, cartridges, Fuser unit, and more. Also, fit the black and color ink cartridges, feed the input tray with A4 size papers, and ready the USB/Ethernet cables. Further, you are also recommended to finish the printer network configuration before driver installation. You have various options for connection such as you can use Wireless LAN Setup method, link Ethernet cable to the router, or make use of  WPS Push Button if your router is of the same technology.

Complete and Thorough Steps to Download the Printer Driver

Once the Initial Setup is successfully done, look at the steps provided below for downloading Canon Printer Drivers: 

  1. For commencing the download process of canon printer drivers, you are needed to launch the ij.start.cannon web page. To do so, it is crucial to access an upgraded and effective web browser that meets your Operating system version. Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, Safari are some of the examples of web browsers. 
  2. After opening your preferred browser, drag and drop your cursor in the address bar. Type usa.canon.com in it and immediately press the Enter key to visit the Welcome page. 
  3. In order to get the most suitable driver for your printer, you are requested to provide your own printer model number, for example, MX922, TS9020, etc.  
  4. Hence, after verifying the model number on the printer identification label, type it in the search field. Then, make a selection for your specific printer name from the list presented on your screen. Following this, click Go. 
  5. A new window including the specifications and appropriate driver for your particular printer will be seen on your screen. Select Driver & Downloads tab and you will be taken to the lower side of the page. 
  6. Under the Recommended Driver segment, firstly monitor the auto-selected Operating System version and the Language. If the details are not correct, you can modify them as per your preference. 
  7. Now, click on the Select tab which is positioned beside the MP Driver. Then, the Download button will instantly be visible on your screen. Click on it to go ahead with the download processing. 
  8. The Wifi signals must be strong for finishing the Canon Printer Drivers downloading. When the download cycle is perfectly completed, the file will save in the Downloads folder. However, you can also personalize the default file location as per your choice. 

Proper Instructions to Install the Printer Driver

  1. Access the folder in which you have previously saved the installation file. After finding the Canon Printer Drivers file, select the file, and following this, click on the Run button. 
  2. In a few seconds, the program’s initial window will launch on your computer screen. For beginning the installation, simply click on the Next button. 
  3. You will now be prompted to select your Place of Residence. Hence, make an accurate choice by selecting the radio button of your particular region. For moving further, click Next. 
  4. Now, the Software Installation list window will turn up on your screen. Here, you have to mark the checkboxes of Canon Printer Drivers, Manual, and other additional software depending on your printing needs. Then by clicking Next, you will reach another page. 
  5. To initiate the software installation, it is compulsory for all the users to link the printer with the computer. Review the printer manual that is supplied to you with the purchase. Check whether your printer can be wirelessly connected or not. Alternatively, you can acquire a workable USB cable for connection. 
  6. When your printer is discovered by the program, select it without any delay. This will instantaneously begin the software installation and when the process gets over, you will come to see the Setup Complete window. This clearly signifies that the Canon Printer Drivers are fully installed. 
  7. The program may display the Extended Survey Program window. You can agree or disagree with this survey as per your preference. If you click Agree, the survey will be installed and you can complete all its mandatory fields by following the on-screen guidelines. Also, it is to be noted that selecting the Disagree option will not affect the printer functionality. 
  8. Now the Test Print window may emerge on your screen. It is suggested by Canon to check printer functions right away and for that, you should click on the Execute button. If your printer input tray is full of A4 size pages, a printed page will effectively come out from your printer. 

Methods to Overcome with Driver Setup Problems 

Many users complaints about the several driver issues such as the installation file is not opening, the program is not detecting the printer, or the driver unexpectedly stops working. These specific problems will definitely not allow any user to start the functioning of the printer. Hence for the error-free canon printer setup of and to eliminate all the driver issues, review the comprehensive and detailed troubleshooting steps: 

  1. If the file gets downloaded but when you attempt to access the file, it shows you an error message i.e “The file can’t open”. To quickly fix it, verify that the correct OS is selected. Suppose if your Windows Operating Version is 32-Bit and you have selected the 62-Bit version, then the file will never run for installation. In this situation, you have to reach the Official web page, change the OS version, and re-download Canon Printer Drivers. 
  2. In case the printer is not identified by the program on the Printer Detection window, it will create hindrance in the driver setup. Hence, check the USB cable which is attached to the computer and it must be appropriately fitted. But if you are using WLAN setup, assure that the same SSID is shown on the printer screen as displayed in the Wifi list of your computer. 
  3. Sometimes any pre-installed firewall or antivirus that is running on your computer does not allow Canon Printer Drivers to install. So, if any firewall window pops up while installation, you should give your authorization by selecting the “Permit” Checkbox. Doing so, the program will effortlessly be installed on your system. 
  4. If Canon Printer Drivers are not operating properly and not commanding your printer, the software may get corrupted. In such critical scenarios, you have to reinstall the driver. But before reinstallation, it is obligatory to delete the older file version. On Windows, you can uninstall by simply launching the Control Panel Application. Whereas on Mac, access Finder and move the installed driver file to the Trash. Then, remove the file from Trash also. Now, go to usa.canon.com and reinstall the driver. 

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