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Canon Printer Setup​

Enter Printer Model

Enter Printer Model

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Canon Printer Setup

This is a comprehensive guide for all the users who wants the assistance for the Canon Printer Setup. All the procedures are explained in the simplest way to make the setup user-friendly and error-free.

Canon Printer Setup
Canon Printer Setup​

Develop a Stable and Secure Internet Connection

This is the most significant process of the Canon printer setup. A strong, solid, and secure connection is much needed throughout the process. You are offered with more than one method to establish the connection. However, you can opt for your preferred method and the one which works best for your printer. To make the process simpler and error-free, we are providing the instructions that you must follow to develop a connection.

WPS Connection

This is the widely used method and the easiest one. You just need to move along a few steps and you are done with the connection. However, this method can opt only when your router supports the WPS button.

  1. Start the process with your printer switched on.
  2. In case your printer’s screen is turned off, then press the “Copy” button and turn it on. 
  3. Now, look for the WiFi button on the control panel of your printer. Press the button once you locate it. 
  4. Next step of the process is to access your router. Locate the WPS button and press it for a time of 2 minutes. 
  5. Once the time passes, release the button and look at the screen of your printer. It will display the network status as “Connected”. However, the printer might take a time of a few seconds to show the status as connected. Hence, relax and wait. 
  6. Lastly, press “Ok” and conclude the process.  

Standard Method- Wireless LAN Connection

Another method to opt for the configuration of the wireless networks is a Standard method. This is a bit of time taking process with more number of steps to follow. However, this process works with all the printers and routers.

  1. The first step of the process is to turn on your printer. To check the status, take a glance at the power light, it must blink green. 
  2. After that, from the various buttons available on your printer, tap the “Menu” button. This will display the network settings on your screen. 
  3. You will now see various options available for establishing the connections. Choose “Wireless LAN” and proceed ahead. 
  4. Next, tap the “Standard Setup” option among the various other options. This will begin the search for the networks available. 
  5. Now, you need to select your network connection from the list that prompts on your screen. The list will show all the networks available within a specified range.
  6. Once you choose the SSID, you have to enter the security password too. The correct network password must be entered by you. 
  7. To confirm the establishment of the connection, press “Ok”. Your printer will now get connected to the network and will display the successful message on the screen.  

Download Printer Driver For Canon Printer Setup

After the primary Canon printer setup and network configuration, comes the download of Canon printer Driver. For setting up your printer and performing the printing, you must have a printer driver installed on your computer system. The download is quite simple and easy. You just need to visit the “ij.start.cannon” webpage. Then, enter your product model in the required field which you get on clicking the “Setup” tab. The link for the download will now appear on your screen. You can click the link to begin the process of the Canon printer setup file download once you are done selecting the OS.

Canon Printer Driver
Canon printer driver download

Measures to Install Canon Printer Driver

The final step of the Canon printer setup is to install the printer driver software. Measures to perform the installation of the printer software are provided below. 

  1. The procedure begins by launching the downloaded Canon printer setup file. This can be done by clicking the setup file of the Canon printer driver. 
  2. As the application requires the administrative rights to start the Canon printer setup installer, you will get the popup box on your screen. Step ahead by permitting them.
  3. The primary window will prompt with a Language tab on it. You can make the selection of your desired language.
  4. Later, you will get multiple screens asking to link your printer and computer, make your choice of preferred software, reviewing the license agreement, and more. By completing each step, move ahead with the Canon printer setup process. 
  5. Meanwhile, the installation will commence. Installation of the selected canon printer software and the driver will take a couple of minutes. 
  6. On completion, you will be inquired if you want to perform the print test. You can do so by clicking the “Execute” tab. However, press the “Close” button and conclude the Canon printer setup process. 

Easy Steps to Perform Setup Of Canon Mobile Application

Mobile technology has completely changed the way people work, store information, keep records, and much more. It is the technology that helps people to keep the world at their fingertips. With the rise in the usage of mobile devices, it becomes important to link them with printing too. With no surprise, Canon never fails to keep up with the technology. Hence, it introduced its mobile app that fits in all the devices like tablets, smartphones (Android and iOS), as well as Chromebooks. Not just one, but there are multiple Canon mobile printing applications. Some of the applications are Canon Inkjet Selphy App, Canon Apple AirPrint, Canon Print Service, Canon Pixma Cloud Link, Canon Pixma Cloud Link, Canon Wireless Direct Printing, Canon Google Cloud Print, and many more. Among all the available applications, Canon Inkjet/Selphy is the most used one. To educate yourself about the setup of the Canon Inkjet/Selphy App, you must read the information given below. 

Canon Inkjet/Selphy App is designed to perform several functions such as print, scan, copy, etc. using your Android and iOS devices. It helps you to establish a direct connection between your printer and mobile device. You can perform several other functions too. You can manage your printer with this application, customize the settings, as well as keep a check on your printer status. To perform the Canon Inkjet/Selphy app setup, you first need to perform the Canon printer setup. Later, you can start following the given directions.


Note: The process for the setup of other Canon mobile applications will remain almost the same. However, you must be really careful while you set up the application. 

  1. Get your smart device and access the App Store or Google Play Store on it. 
  2. Then, you need to enter the name of your printer application in the provided search field. Here, you have to enter “Canon Inkjet/Selphy”. This field is positioned on the upper-most corner of the screen. 
  3. Make the preferred selection from the search result and download the application. As per the speed of your network connection, the application will take 1-2 minutes to download successfully. 
  4. Upon completion of the download, access the application by tapping on its icon. 
  5. The primary window will provide you the License Agreement. Review the provided terms and conditions and accept them. To do so, hit “Agree”.
  6. Followed to the agreement window, you will be asked to permit the application to use your storage and location. To proceed, press “Ok”.
  7. Later to this, you need to add your printer to the application. Click the printer icon from the bottom of the screen. In order to add a printer, you need to connect both your printer and mobile device with the same internet connection. The same network will help to form a link between the devices and your application will show you your printer on the “Nearby Device” list. Select your printer and add it successfully by considering the on-screen instructions.

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