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Canon Printer Software

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Canon Printer Software

This comprehensive guide will assist you on how to download Canon Printer Software with ease. Read about all the printing features of the software, necessities, and error-free download procedure by following this guide.

Necessities for Downloading the Canon Printer Software

For Canon Printer Software Download, every user needs to consider the key points that are described below:

  1. You should be logged in as an administrator on your system and it must be within the wifi range throughout the download process. 
  2. Users must run the Canon website on the updated web browser otherwise the web page may fail to launch. In addition, all the past history must be deleted from the web browser in advance. 
  3. You must fulfill all the system requirements for downloading the software. Also, ensure that the correct operating system and version is selected. 
  4. You must not have any older installed file of Canon printer software. If your system contains any file, delete them first before proceeding for the Canon Printer Drivers downloads. 
  5. Also, it is suggested that you should close all the running applications on your computer before performing the Canon printer software download process. 
Canon Printer Software

Quick Guide to Download Your Desired Canon Software

It is essential to set up the software on your system for giving commands to your printer and to access all its functions. Whether you want to scan, print, or edit images, print disc labels, etc you need to install the printer software. Further, specific software is needed to establish a solid connection between your computer and printer. Without having a printer program on your system, it is not possible for your printer to communicate with the computer. Here is a complete and effective procedure that will guide you step-by-step to download your preferred printer software via the website. Hence, you have to pursue the given informative steps for Canon printer software download. 


  1. In order to navigate to the Canon official website, the first and major step is to access a browser that can speedily launch a web page. Now, for Canon printer software download, input the URL and hit the Enter key. If your internet speed is good, the main page will be opened in just a few moments. 
  2. To perform the download process in your preferred language, you can change the current language of the Canon website from the upper-right corner of the welcome window. Here, you will locate a Setup tab with a right arrow icon, click on it and the Product Selection window will pop up on your screen. 
  3. Clearly state your printer product model number by typing it into the search field for Canon printer software download. Click Go and to download the software for some specific printers, you may see the Canon Printer Setup window. Click on the Start tab and if you have not set up your printer yet, complete its hardware and network configuration first. 
  4. After setting up the printer by following the computer on-screen guidelines, click on the right arrow icon. Now, you will see a Connect option at the very bottom-right corner of the window. Click on it and you will see a highlighted Download button on your screen. Select download and when it is done, double-click the file for performing the quick installation process. 
  5. You will get to the Region Window. Change the default selected region, and then click Next to launch the Printer Detection window. Here you will be asked to link your active printer to the computer by using a wireless or wired method. So, for Canon printer software download, develop a connection between both the devices using the method that best suits your printer hardware specifications.
  6. Now select among the available Canon Printer Software and click Next. Following this, if you completely agree with the License agreement without having any issue, click Yes. All the selected drivers, Utility Software, Photo Print Editor, WebPrint software, Image Garden, will immediately get installed. 
  7. If you see the Test Print window after installation, click on the Execute button to test the printing functions of your printer. Within a few seconds, a print head alignment page will come out from your printer. 

This concludes the Canon Printer Software Download process from 


There is another website from where you can simply conduct the Canon Printer Software Download process. So, move ahead to You will spot the Drivers & Downloads tab in the top-right corner of the homepage. Select it, input your printer name and by pressing the Enter key you will be redirected to the Download window. Under the Driver & Downloads section, you will discover individual tabs i.e  Drivers, Software, Firmware, Utilities, and SDK. Based on your printing requirements, select either one of the tabs. Now, tap the Select Button. To proceed with the Canon printer software download process, you should therefore click on the Download button. Wait until it finishes and then closely follow the on-screen guidelines for the software installation.

Learn More About Canon Printer Softwares

Canon offers distinct and advanced printer software to provide you a smooth printing experience. You can accomplish the Canon printer software download process from the website by following the above procedures. Here is an overview of some of the available printer software.


  • Canon Printer IJ Utility Canon IJ Utility is a software that is specifically designed to manage all the printer functions. By launching Canon IJ Utility, you can clear clogged print heads and prohibit print smudges. You can regularly monitor the remaining ink levels so that you can replace the cartridge whenever needed. Also, you can regulate the printer operating noise by using its “Quiet Settings” 


  • Easy-WebPrint Software This software facilitates you to print a web page directly from an online explorer. You can select your desired sections of any website, combine them into a single document by using the Clipping function, and print them easily. Also, it has a Layout Editing feature by using which you can adjust and enhance the layout of the document that you are going to print. Lastly, its print preview feature enables you to see the final printed material before it is sent to a printer. 


  • Easy-PhotoPrint Editor This program has some exclusive features that provide you a user-friendly printing experience. It lets you choose your preferred images, titles and can print them on disc labels. Before printing, you can filter the images using special effects and add text, colorful stamps to your images. Also this printer software can print the images directly from social networking sites or photo-sharing sites. You can also save your favorite templates in the software that you often use. 


  • Canon “My Image Garden” Software By using this program, you can print customized photos, capture images from videos and print them, modify the brightness and contrast of images, and easily look for the image that you would like to print. Further, this software also allows you to conveniently print the documents that are saved as PDF Files. 


  • Canon IJ Network Setup Utility This software is available for both Windows and Mac Users. It allows your computer to connect with the printer so that you can instruct your printer on a frequent basis for printing a page. Also, you can do some basic settings by accessing the software, such as providing the printer IP address or selecting the network frame type. 

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