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Canon Printer Wireless Setup

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Canon Printer Wireless Setup

Canon Printer Wireless Setup is an essential procedure that enables your award-winning Printing Device for an unmatched user experience. Canon is known for its versatility and user-centric approach when it comes to its Products and Connectivity options. In other words, its products come with outstanding connectivity options to suit specific requirements of different users. As such, you get complete freedom in choosing the most appropriate Printer that can be easily configured to your existing Home Network. 

Multiple Options For Canon Printer Wireless Setup

WPS Push-button Method
  1. Begin the Canon Printer Wireless Setup process by safely connecting the Printer to a stable Power Source. For this, you should use the Power Cable that comes in the Printer package. Switch on the Wall Outlet. Thereafter, press the Printer’s “Power” button to turn it on. This should light up its “Power Lamp” in green colour.
  2. Along with that, turn on your Router. Also ensure that it is functioning properly. In order to check this, hook up any other Device like a Computer, Laptop, Smartphone etc. Then, try to access the Internet. 
  3. Now, check your Printer’s “Control Panel”. Here, you should look for the “Wireless” button. You can easily identify this push-button that displays a “Wireless” icon. 
  4. Once you locate it, Press and Hold it. Wait till you notice that the respective “Lamp” starts blinking. Thereafter, Release it. 
  5. With this, its “Indicator Light” will change to a Blue colour. 
  6. Next, you must go to your Network’s Access Point i.e. the Router. Then, search for its WPS Push-button. Press and Hold it. However, it is very important to perform this step promptly. In other words, don’t wait for more than 2 minutes after completing the last step. 
  7. As a result, you will notice that the Indicator Light of your Printer begins to blink regularly. This is an indication that your Printer is searching for the available Networks. 
  8. Subsequently, the Printer’s “Power Lamp” will begin to blink together with its “Indicator Lamp”. This happens when the Printer is trying to establish a connection with your Home Network. 
  9. As such, you must wait for these Lamps to become stable. In other words, they must stop blinking but remain lit. 
  10. In this way, you can complete the Canon Printer Setup process without any hassle.
  11. However, it is very important to remember one thing that this method serves only for those Printers and Routers which are equipped with a physical WPS Push-button. While, most of the recent Canon Printers offer this Connectivity feature. But, you must always check your Router before adopting this method.
LAN Setup With SSID
  1. In the very first place, turn on your Printer and Router for Canon Printer Wireless Setup.
  2. Then, check the “Control Panel” of your Printer. Its Display Screen gives you the Home window for completing the Setup process. But, in case you get a blank Display Screen. Then, look for the “Energy Saver” button. This button shows a “Sleep Mode” icon. If you notice that this button is lit. Then, press it. In this way, your Printer will “Wake Up”.
  3. Thereafter, press its “Home” button. 
  4. Now, go through the “Home” window to locate the “Menu” tab. Once you find it, tap on it. 
  5. Tap “Preferences” on the following “Menu” window. 
  6. Next, you must select the “Network” option. 
  7. The following window requires you to “Log In”. Hence, correctly provide the “System Manager Login ID and PIN/ Password” of your Printer. Then, tap “Login”.
  8. After that, select “Wireless LAN Settings” for Canon Printers
  9. When prompted, select “Yes” in order to enable Wireless LAN. 
  10. On the following window, you will get details about the Wireless LAN. As such, properly go through the information. Then, tap “OK”.
  11. Now, tap on the “SSID Settings” option to proceed with the Canon Printer Wireless Setup. 
  12. Next, you must go for the tab that says “Select Access Point”. With this option, your Printer will locate an available Network automatically and connect to it.    
  13. As such, the next window will display a list of Networks available for connection. In other words, it provides “SSID” which is your “Network/ Router Name”. Hence, properly choose the “SSID” of your Home Network.
  14. Then, tap “Next”.
  15. When prompted to confirm the choice, tap “OK”.
  16. Thereafter, provide the corresponding “Network Password” correctly.
  17. Then, tap “Apply”. 
  18. Subsequently, go through the message provided on the next window. Then, tap “Yes”.
  19. With this, you will complete the Canon Printer Wireless Setup. In other words, a connection will be established between the Printer and your Network. However, you will have to wait for the completion of this process. 
  20. The following window will confirm its status as “Connected”. As such, tap “Close” to exit.
  21. Finally, your Printer’s IP Address and Other Details will be set   automatically. As such, you must wait for it. 
Other Methods

Apart from these prominent methods, you can complete the Canon Printer Wireless Setup process with some additional methods. These procedures are equally hasslefree and easy. 

  1. Standard Setup Method
  2. Cableless Setup Method
  3. WPS with PIN Method
  4.  Manual Connection
  5. WiFi Direct Method

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