Canon Printer Error

How do I clear a Canon Printer Error?

Canon Printer Error

How do I clear a Canon Printer Error?

Primary Reasons Behind Canon Printer Errors

When you print a page, you may encounter several error codes that hinder in your Canon printer process. Below are some of the common issues that can affect the functionality of your printer and do not let you print or scan a page. 

  1. The printer is unable to detect the cartridge or printhead.
  2. Wrong Ink Cartridge installed.
  3. Ink Cartridge is empty. 
  4. Wifi connectivity issue.
  5. The printer is out of paper.
  6. Pages got stuck in the rear tray. 
  7. The cartridge is not installed in the proper slot.
  8. The printer is not recognizing the paper size.
  9. The Papers are not aligned properly. 

Useful Techniques To Eliminate Canon Printer Errors

  • Power Cycle Your Canon Printer: The first method you should try to clear a printer error is to restart your printer. For that purpose, disconnect the printer from your PC and detach the power cord from the electrical outlet. After a few minutes, connect the power cord to the printer and to the power source. Now, try to access your printer. Sometimes a simple reset may resolve the Canon printer error code. If resetting of the printer does not work, check out the next method. 
  • Replace the Wrong Ink Cartridge: If you have installed the wrong ink cartridge in your PC then you may see a Canon printer error. To fix the issue, firstly go through your printer manual and check the Ink Cartridge compatibility. According to it, acquire a new ink cartridge and install it into your printer. To insert a new ink cartridge, lift up the front cover of your printer while turning it on. Then, open the paper output cover. Now, take out the ink cartridge and push a new ink cartridge into a proper slot until you hear an electronic sound. Finally, close the paper output cover and the front cover of your printer. 
  • Check the Network Connections: If you are facing issues while printing directly from your mobile or computer, you should check the network connection. It is to be remembered that your printer and device must be connected to the same Wifi to print either an email, document PDFs or photo. Hence, check the Wireless Network Name to which your printer and device are connected. If the SSID is correct, there must be a poor connectivity issue. For that disconnect your Wifi from the power source for a few seconds and then activate Wifi on your device and printer. If the problem persists, you can use a cable for connection. 
  • Remove the outdated Driver and Install an Updated Version: If you see a Canon printer error code while printing a page, there may be issues with the printer software from which you are sending the print requests. In such cases, you should install a new printer driver. To do so, you must delete the previous version of the driver. When the uninstallation is done successfully, step forward to usa.canon.com, provide your Canon printer model number, click on the “Drivers & Downloads” tab, select your operating system, and click “Download”. When the download ends, link your printer to the computer, accept the license agreement, and install the driver. Now, transmit the print requests by using the updated driver and check whether the issue is resolved or not. 
  • Execute the Printhead Cleaning Process: To fix a Canon printer error, you must try cleaning your printhead. For that, turn on your printer, and select “Settings”. This will bring up a new window containing several options. Tap on the “Maintenance” option and then select “Cleaning” or “Deep Cleaning” option depending upon your choice. A pop-up box will be shown to you, select “Yes”. This will clean your printhead. View the nozzle check pattern page, if the print quality looks fine that means the error is resolved. Otherwise, you can manually clean it with a lint-free cloth by taking out the printhead from the printer. 
  • Clear a Paper Jam Inside a Rear Cover: If there is any paper stuck inside your Printer input tray, you will definitely see a Canon Printer. In such scenarios, open the rear tray cover of the printer, and lift up the paper support. Now you have to pull out the rear cover. Following this, gently take out the jammed paper without touching the inner parts of the printer. After removing the jammed paper, close the rear tray cover and try to access the printer functions. 

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