Canon Printer Error 5200

How to fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

Canon Printer Error 5200

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

Canon is a leading Printing technology expert that specializes in offering cutting-edge devices. These robust machines provide premium quality printing and scanning solutions that ensure unparalleled user experience. However, these sophisticated devices are vulnerable to various technical failures like Canon Printer Error 5200. 

Canon Printer Error 5200 is primarily an issue with your Printer’s Ink Levels. Along with that, a faulty cartridge also leads to this trouble. You may encounter this issue when you try to execute a Print command. In case of this problem, your Printer will not perform the Print function. Instead, your Computer will display an Error Number: 5200. Additionally, it provides a message that says “A Printer Error has occurred. Turn the Printer off and then on again. If this doesn’t clear the error, see the user’s guide for more details”.

Get Rid Of Canon Printer Error 5200

In case you experience this frustrating Canon Printer Error 5200 issue, it is recommended to immediately fix the issue. If you fail to do so, it may lead severe damage to your Printing Device. As such, go through the given step-by-step instructions to resolve the Canon Printer Error 5200 issue. 

Refill Ink 

First and foremost, you must check the Ink Levels of your Printer. In case of low ink levels, immediately refill it. Here, it is important to keep in mind that all the cartridges must be properly filled with the correct set of black and colour ink. In other words, you cannot leave any one cartridge empty for flawless functioning of your Printer. 

Reboot Printer 

  1. Begin the process by turning off your Canon Printer. For this, simply press its Power button which is located either at the top or front side of this device. 
  2. Along with that, completely disconnect its Power Source. In other words, switch off the Wall Outlet. Then, remove the Power Cable from the Wall Socket. 
  3. Wait for at least 20-30 seconds. 
  4. Now, plug in this Power Cable back to the Wall Socket. Switch it on to proceed further. 
  5. After that, press the Power button to turn on the device. 
  6. This should light up its Power Lamp. 

Reset Printer 

  1. In the very first place, load a plain white paper sheet on the Printer’s Paper Tray. 
  2. Now, turn off the Printer. However, there is no need to disconnect its Power Cable. 
  3. Go to the Control Panel of your Printer and look for the “Stop” button. Press and Hold it. 
  4. After a couple of seconds, press down the “Power” button while still holding the “Stop” button. In other words, you will hold down both the “Power” and “Stop” button simultaneously. 
  5. Wait till you get a green light on its Power Lamp. 
  6. After that, Release the “Stop” button. But, don’t release the “Power” button. 
  7. While you still hold the “Power” button, press the “Stop” button for 5 times. 
  8. Release the “Stop” and “Power”  button. 
  9. As such, its Power Lamp will start blinking. Wait till it gets stable.
  10. Next, you should press the “Stop” button for 5 times. Then, press the “Power” button. 
  11. As a result, it will bring a Printout. This may take 20-30 seconds. Hence, wait for it. 
  12. Thereafter, re-insert this paper sheet into the Printer’s Paper Tray. 
  13. Once again, press the “Stop” button for 3 times. Then, press its “Power” button.
  14. Consequently, you will get a final printout. 
  15. With this, the Printer Reset process completes successfully. This should fix the Canon Printer Error 5200 issue.

Remove and Reinsert The Printhead and Cartridges

Apart from the troubleshooting steps given above, you should ensure that both the Printhead and Cartridges are properly installed. In other words, both the components must be securely placed in their correct position. This can be ensured by removing and reinstalling them correctly. As such, carefully open the Printer’s Cover while the Printer is off. Then, remove the Printhead and Cartridges without causing any damage to the device. Now, turn on the Printer. Thereafter, properly insert both the Printhead and Cartridges in its accurate position. After that, close down its Cover. Subsequently, try to print any document to confirm that the Canon Printer Error 5200 issue has been resolved. 

Replace The Ink Cartridges

However, if you still continue to face the Canon Printer software issue. Then, it is possible that the Printer’s Ink Cartridges have been damaged. As such, you must immediately replace them with the specified type of Cartridges. Here, you must ensure that you acquire these components from a reliable and authentic source.

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