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IJ Network Tool

IJ Network Tool is one of the Canon utility software that offers you to view the network settings of your printing machine and modify them as per your requirements. This application is much needed if you want your printer to connect with a new network as it resets the printers network settings. To get a deep insight into the network utility software, you must go through the information provided below. 

IJ Network Tool ​

Important Points to be Considered While Using IJ Network Tool

  • To make the best use of the Canon IJ Network Tool, you must ensure that your printer is well connected through a LAN connection. Check the LAN cable that is available with you. There should be any cuts on the cable.
  • You should not run the network utility tool while you are performing the printing function. In case you are using the tool, then you first have to complete the application usage and then start with the printing functions.
  • If your security software’s firewall function is on and you are receiving warning message popups, then you must allow the access to the utility tool to proceed using the software. 
  • This utility tool by Canon does not work well with user account switching. Hence, you are asked to exit the application and then perform the switching process. 

Download and Install the IJ Network Tool

To use the IJ network application, you first have to download the program to your device and install it. This tool is simply a part of an MP printer driver and hence, can be downloaded and installed with it. If you want to get the IJ Network Tool, you have to:

  1. Move to an authorized Canon website and search for your product. The URL that you can use is “usa.canon.com/support”.
  2. Once you reach your product window, you will find the download link for the printer driver under the Canon Printer Drivers and Download section.  
  3. Download the driver by hitting the required tabs. 
  4. After the successful completion of the download, you can install it on your system. 
  5. For installation, you need to access the file and then move along with instructions appearing on your screen. 
  6. At the time of installation, you will get a screen stating “Software Selection Window”. Here, you have to make sure that you tick mark the “IJ Network Tool” checkbox. Doing so, the Canon Printer software will install with the driver. 

Procedure to Access the IJ Network Tool

The next step after the download and installation of the IJ Network Tool is to run the application on your system. For this, you have to access the software and further you can use it to configure your network or else. To access, follow the below-given directions. 

If you have installed the software on a Mac device, then you have to open the “Finder” by tapping on its icon. Further, from the “Go” menu, choose “Applications”. In the window with all the installed applications, look for the Canon utility folder and open it. Then, select the folder named “IJ Network Tool” followed by selecting the software icon.
On your Windows operating system, you have to click the “Start” icon followed by selecting “All Programs”. Go through the list and choose Canon Network Utilities> IJ Network Tool. You can also search for the software directly by entering the appropriate name in the search field. 

How to Configure the Network Settings using the IJ Network Tool?

Once the network utility tool is successfully installed, you can start using the software. The basic function of the software is the network configuration. You are required to perform the configuration function if you are fulfilling any of the given criteria.  

  • You have purchased a new router and replaced it with the older one. 
  • Router settings are updated or modified by you. 
  • Want to establish a new network connection on your printer. 


For configuring the network settings with the help of Canon IJ Network Utility, you have to establish a wired connection between your printer and computing device. This is needed for transferring the network settings to your printing machine. After you are done with a stable and successful connection, you can commence the procedure with the help of the below-mentioned procedure.

  1. Launch the IJ Network tool software. You can take the help of the directions mentioned in the above section to access the software. 
  2. As you open the tool, it will start searching for the connection. 
  3. On the completion of the search process, you have to select the “Setup” option which you will get from the drop-down list. 
  4. Now, a dialog box will prompt stating a few instructions for the setup. Go through them and click “Ok”.
  5. The setup screen of the IJ Network Tool will now come into view. On this screen, choose your printer and hit “Ok”. Make sure it shows the connection type as “Canon USB”.

Note: In case the software is unable to detect your printer and show it. Then, you have to click the “Update” button provided there. This will work as a refresh button. 

  1. Next to this, the Confirm Connection Access Point screen will prompt. It will show the network with which the tool will connect your printer. Press the “Yes” tab to show your acceptance. 
  2. After searching for a few minutes, the successful setup completion message will appear. Click “Ok” to process further. 
  3. Thereafter, you will be asked to add your printer. To do so, make the required selection and click the “Add” printer. This will conclude the configuration process.   

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