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Ij Scan Utility for Windows/Mac

Scanners are the sophisticated machines that are designed to convert hardcopy of the documents into a digital copy. Using its radiations and ultrasound waves, scanners transform the document into the digital data. Canon is one of the prominent producers of scanners. All the Canon scanners are designed with advanced technology and innovative features. To make the usage of the scanners more convenient and constructive, Canon offers its users with IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac

This is a software that provides an easy interface to conduct the scanning functions. This software enables users to perform scanning functions with ease. It offers one-click scanning of the documents which reduces the efforts required and helps you to save a lot of your time. If you are interested in knowing more about this software, then you are at the right place. This article is just for you. Here we have provided all the information that a user must know in order to make the best use of this software.

Discover More About IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac

Canon has designed its scanning software i.e. this comes with enhanced features. This application is perfect to take your scanning experience to the next level. The key highlights of IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac are:

Scan in Just a Single Click

This application offers its users to scan the documents in just a click. The user-friendly interface of this application helps you to click any of the preferred options from Photo, Document, etc. and get the scanning done. 

Automatic Saving of Scan Documents

IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac saves all the documents or photos automatically after the completion of the scanning function. It saves the file in the default folder that is set to “Documents”. However, you can change the location as per your convenience. 

Easy to Combine with other Applications

This software is easy to integrate with other applications that enables you to get the files in your favorite folders, add them to your emails, get the text from the images, and a lot more.  

Multiple Image Merging

Stitch function of IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac helps the users to scan one large document in two folds and later combine them in one. In clear terms, if you want to scan a large document, then you can do it in halves and further merge them into one.

Modify Scan Settings

This application enables you to customize the settings to enjoy a personalized experience and make the usage of the printing machine more convenient.

Get Started with IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac

This comes up with the Canon printer driver. When a user downloads and installs the printer driver on their system, the IJ Scan Utility gets installed with it. For some models of Canon printers, the IJ Scan Utility is included in the TWAIN driver. Generally, it’s added in an MP or Full-fledge printer driver. 

Download and Install the Software:

For getting the IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac, you have to start with accessing the authorized Canon website. Then, search for your printer model by entering its model number in the provided field. Under the “Canon Printer Driver Download” section, you will see the list of drivers. Choose the appropriate one and download it on your system. After the download, you can start with the installation process. The process for installing the driver is quite easy and can be accomplished by following instructions prompting on your screen. Carefully follow all the directions and ensure that you have tick marked the checkbox beside “IJ Scan Utility” in the Software selection window.

Launch IJ Scan Utility For Windows/Mac:

The next step to the download and installation is to launch the software and enjoy all its functions. In order to access the file, you have to follow a few simple steps. These steps will vary with the operating system.

Windows users have to tap the “Start” icon which is placed at the lower-left corner. In the start menu, you will find the “Canon Utility” folder. Clicking the folder will show you all the available software including IJ Scan Utility for Windows/Mac. Now, click the option and the main interface of the application will display on your screen. 

If you are a Mac user, then you have to click the “Go” option from the upper menu. This will further show the options in the form of a drop-down menu. From the list, select Applications> Canon Utilities> IJ scan Utility > Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite. 

Procedure to Perform the Scanning Function via IJ Network Utility Tool

To perform your scanning job conveniently and in less time, then you must use the IJ Scan Utility software and carry out the scanning function even without having technical know-how. However, to make it simpler, you must give a look to the given instructions. These instructions will educate you to perform the scanning process without facing a single error.

  1. To start with the process, you first have to power on your printer.
  2. Now, lift the upper cover of the scanner or printer and place your document over the glass surface. Make sure you place the paper in a downwards direction. 
  3. Now, put down the cover and move to your computer system. If not launched the application yet, then do it by performing the above-mentioned instructions. 
  4. From the main interface of utility application, select the “Photo” or “Document” option, as per your requirement. In case you want to make changes in the scan settings, then click the “Settings” tab and modify it. 
  5. As you click the option, the scanner will start warming up to execute the function. 
  6. In a minute, the scanning process will begin. The progress bar will be prompt on your screen. 
  7. Once the scan gets completed, you will get the completion message on your screen. 
  8. Financially, click the “Exit” tab and move out of the IJ Network Utility for Windows/Mac application.

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