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IJ.start.canon TS3122

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Enter Printer Model

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IJ.start.canon TS3122

For using the innovative, high-end, and advanced Canon printers, you first have to complete its setup procedure. This crucial process consists of several steps. Each and every step is required to get completed in a sequential manner to get the setup done successfully.  To learn more about the “ij.start.canon TS3122” printer setup, you must go through the information provided below.

How to perform “ij.start.canon TS3122” Printer Setup?

Below mentioned are the step-by-step instructions that will assist you in performing the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer setup.

Primary Setup of Canon Pixma TS3122

It is important to set up your printer before you move ahead with the ij.start.canon TS3122 process. This is done right after your purchase. To do so, you have to:

IJ.start.canon TS3122
  1. Unpack your printer: You have to remove plastics or tapes that are covering the printer box. Once you remove all the packaging material, take your printer out from the box and place it on a clean and stable surface. Make sure the area where you place your printer is in the range of your wireless network. Now, take off all the colored tapes and other material from your printer. All the accessories available inside the box must be kept aside.
  2. Turn it on: Every Canon printer comes with a power cable with it. You have to take the cable and fix it with your printer. Make sure the cable is not loose. Now, take another end and attach it to the power source. Finally, switch the plug and press the Power button from your printer. Wait for your printer to turn on. Once it’s on, the power light of the printer will light and display the green color. 
  3. Load Papers: The next step of the process is to load the papers into the printer. For this, take a pile of papers and align them properly. Now, pull out the paper tray and put the pile of papers in it.
  4. Install Ink Cartridge: Lastly, you need to add the ink cartridge into your printer. This requires you to take the cartridge and remove the tapes from it. Then, open the front panel and uplift the ink slots. With all your attention, add the ink into the slots. To clear all the doubts regarding the installation of the ink cartridge, you can check the user manual. 

Download the Printer Driver

The ij.start.canon TS3122 process moves from hardware setup to download the printer driver. Canon offers different printer drivers for each of its printer models. You need to visit the printer driver webpage and download the printer driver designed for your model. To know more about the ij.start.canon TS3122 printer driver download process, look at the instructions given below.

  1. Enable a web browser and proceed to the printer driver window. The address field positioned at the top must be filled with “ij.start.canon”.
  2. In the printer driver webpage, press the “Set up” tab and start looking for your printer. To do so, provide your product model in the search field. 
  3. When the ij.start.canon TS3122 web page prompts on your screen, you need to select the operating system. You will find the tab on the upper-right corner. 
  4. Finally, click the download link of your printer driver. The download will commence, as you click the tab.
canon printer driver download

Perform the Printer Driver Installation

The final step of the ij.start.canon TS3122 procedure is to install the canon printer drivers that you just have downloaded. To facilitate the ij.start.canon TS3122 installation process, we have provided a set of simple directions.

  1. Access the Download file: To install the printer driver, you have to access the setup file. On the completion of the download, the file gets saved in its default location i.e. downloads folder. Hence, move to the preferred folder and look for the ij.start.canon TS3122 setup file. Double-click the file and open it.    
  2. Grant the Permissions: Later to this, your device needs you to grant permission to the setup file to function properly. You will be asked to allow it to run on your device followed by allowing the application to make necessary changes. If you are a Mac user, you will also be asked to provide the administrative username and password also. 
  3. Link your Printer and Computer system: To proceed ahead, you are required to create a link between your printer and computer. To do so, the available methods will come into view. Choose the option and you will get the instructions to build the connection. Along with this, you will also get the instructions to connect your printer to the wireless network. Following the on-screen directions, build a successful connection.
  4. Select the Place of Residence: The next screen will show you the list of places and ask you to choose the place where you reside. This is needed to offer you a personalized experience. 
  5. Make the software selection: In the software selection window, you will get a list of software that comes up with the ij.start.canon TS3122 printer driver. You can make a selection and choose the software that you want to install.
  6. Read the Canon License Agreement: After that, you will get the Canon license agreement on your screen. It is important to make yourself aware of the terms and conditions, hence, you are suggested to read it first and then accept. 
  7. Wait for the completion of Installation: Once you are done completing the above steps, the installation will begin automatically. It will take a time of a few minutes to completely install the printer driver. Wait patiently while the installation is underway. 
  8. Conclude the process: At last, you will get the “Add a printer” or “Print Head Alignment” screen. You can or cannot perform these procedures. If needed, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Else, click the “Close” icon and conclude the ij.start.canon TS3122 process right there.  

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