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Learn how to Setup Your TS9120 Printer on a Wireless Network

For ij.start.canon TS9120 setup, it is necessary to first perform the Wifi setup on your printer. TS9120 is a wireless printer that allows you to link the printer to the router without using any cable. Also, it has a touch-screen display that makes your work easier in setting up the printer on the network. 

  1. After connecting the power cord to the printer and turning it on, the main screen of the TS9120 printer will be lit up. 
  2. You will notice a Wifi icon on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and the Basic network Information window will turn up on your screen. 
  3. Just tap on the LAN Settings option. Then touch the given Wireless LAN Setup tab. Here you will find different options for enabling Wifi on your printer such as Easy Wireless Connect, Manual Connect, and WPS Push Button. 
  4. Tap on Manual Connect. By doing so, the “Select Wireless Router” window will be presented on your printer screen. 
  5. All the router names that are available near to your printer will be shown to you. If your desired router name is not recognized by the printer, tap Search Again. 
  6. Once you find your wireless network name, select it and then the “Enter Passphrase” window will get displayed. Input all the characters of the password by using the on-screen keyboard. Also, aware of all the upper-case and lower-case letters included in your password. 
  7. When you are done with entering the password, tap OK. Your TS9120 printer is successfully linked with the Wifi. 
ij.start.canon TS9120

Install the Most-Suitable Software for TS9120 Printer via ij.start.canon

Go through the points listed to install the software for ij.start.canon TS9120 setup. 

  • Proceed to ij.start.canon

Ij.start.cannon that lets you download the driver that is compatible with your TS9120 printer. Hence for moving towards the Canon website, access an updated web browser and type the URL ij.start.canon in the address bar. If you have input the correct URL without committing any mistake, you will reach the main driver setup window by pressing the Enter key. From the right side of the window, you must click on the Setup tab. 

  • Make a selection for your specific printer name

To conduct ij.start.canon TS9120 setup, you should insert your printer model number into the specified search field. When you begin typing the name, you will be able to see a list of all the printer models. Select your preferred one i.e TS9120 from the list and then press the GO button. Apart from entering the product name, you can scroll down on the Product Selection window. Select the First two Letters of your product i.e TS and then choose your printer name. 

  • Choose your Compatible OS and click Download

Before proceeding to download the software, it is necessary to check the OS field. For avoiding future setup issues, you should guarantee that the selected operating system is the same on which you are performing the driver download process. If not, change the OS version. Now, click on the Download button which is placed in the middle of the window. Keep waiting and remain on the same screen until the software download is over. 

  • Run the Downloaded file

After the download is completed, three different options namely “Run”, “Open Folder” and “View Downloads” will be visible on your screen. Click Run for ij.start.canon TS9120 setup and the main installer window will be shown on your screen. Here, you will discover a “Start Setup” tab, select it and the program will start acquiring information on the recent software and driver. 

  • Select Your Country or Region

To continue with ij.start.canon TS9120 setup, you need to select your desired country or place of residence. You will see an extended list including some country names, make a selection for your region from the list. If you can’t recognize your country, it may be possible that your region name is not listed in the list. In that case, you should select the “Others” option. 

  • Accept License Agreement for installing the software

The dialog box of the Canon software license agreement will come into view. Attentively read the full document. It is mandatory to select the Yes option to keep on going with the ij.start.canon TS9120 driver setup. Hence, if you have no query related to the agreement, select Yes. By doing so, the Extended Survey Program will present on your screen. This is an optional program and you can agree or disagree depending on your choice. 

  • Select your TS9120 Printer

When the Firewall Settings window displays, you should mark the checkbox of “Deactivate the Block” for allowing the printer software to install. Then, hit Next to go ahead for ij.start.canon TS9120 setup. As your printer is wirelessly connected to the same Wifi as your computer, your printer name i.e TS9120 will immediately be shown on the screen. Verify the printer model, click Yes and the MP Drivers will get installed. 

  • Perform test printing for checking printer functions

Now, you will arrive at the Print Head Alignment window, click Next. Following this, you will get to the Test Print window. Firstly, place some pages into the TS9120 printer tray. Then, Click on the Start button displaying on the computer screen. When a page is printed, return back to the Test Print window and click Next for ij.start.canon TS9120 setup. 

  • Customize your printer software selection

You will see the Setup Complete window signifying that the connection between your printer and computer is successfully developed. Now, you have to install all the additional softwares that serves the requirements of your Canon TS9120. For that, click Next and select the checkboxes of the available software. By selecting Next, all your selected printer software will commence installing. 

  • Register Your Printer

For getting immediate information related to your printer, you need to register it on the User Registration window but this step is optional. Hence, if you wish to register your product with canon, click on the Register button mentioned there. When the Installation Successful window pops up, click Exit for ending the ij.start.canon TS9120 setup. 

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